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Internal Case Competition - BPCC Cup 22/23

BPCC Cup, our internal case competition exclusive for members, was successfully held on 1st February 2023. It serves as one of our regular training curriculum, which provides our members a hand-on experience on how is an actual case competition looks like.

We would like to congratulate the following members for their outstanding performance!

Champion: MarketUp

Li Hanchen (Best Speaker)

Chu Fansong

He Zheng

Huang Haoxuan

1st Runner up: Scintilla

Zeng Man Lam

Joscelin Hana Adam

Gaby Graciela

Lau Pui Ying

2nd Runner up: Business Newbies

Yip Kin Long Tommy

Pong Yuen Man

Tsang You Kei

Xu Siyi

We would like to show our highest gratitude to our training partner Stargazers Consulting to be the judge of the event. Once again, we appreciate all BPCC Cup participants for your hard work.


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