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About Us

CityUBusiness Proposal and Competition Club

BPCC is an academic society under CityU College of Business, founded in 2014, aiming at strengthening students competitiveness through business competition training. Throughout the years, we have cooperated with several companies to hold annual business competitions in CityU, also supporting our society members to achieve success in local, regional and international business competitions.

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Words from the President

Thomas Chan

Business competitions provide students with valuable chances and opportunities to a deeper insight of a company’s operation, better real-life knowledge in terms of different industries and social topics. We, as Business Proposal and Competition Club, aim to promote the business competition culture among students in City University of Hong Kong, by combining theory and practice in business competitions and enhancing students’ competitiveness from different perspectives. 


Founded in 2014, BPCC has gone through more than 8-year period, during which, we have always been committed to offering the best service and the latest information to students. In the past academic year, BPCC has organized several workshops, including Proposal Writing Workshop, Case Analysis Workshop, Presentation Workshop, and CityU Fintech Workshop 2019. Furthermore, we served as the co-organizer of two business competitions, namely ICBC (Asia) Financial Innovation Challenge 2019 and Hong Kong Joint University Case Challenge 2019 (HKJUCC).  


BPCC looks forward to this academic year with great passion and excitement. We harbor a genuine hope that we can enjoy this journey and create our best memory together. 


Our Team

Where the Passion Begins

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Michelle Choi
Business Analysis and Marketing, 2023


Michelle is with strong interest in case competitions and good work. Being one of the executive committee members last year, she had experience in organising case competitions and other related events. With her past case competition and working experience, she hopes that she could do something to help Cityu students who shares the same passion with her and contribute more to the school and the club.


Kary Ng
Marketing, Graduate


Kary wishes to provide a brand new and comprehensive learning experience to BPCC members. Apart from being a case competition enthusiast, Kary is also keen on contributing business knowledges on NGOs and projects with social impact.


Michelle Lau
Management, 2023

 Public Relations Director

Being a part of the BPCC encourages Michelle to participate in a wide variety of case competitions, which enables her to face problems relating to various industries and business settings. Actively attending training workshops and joining case competitions last year, she was able to flourish her presentation and leadership skills. Therefore, she would like to contribute to the BPCC and share it with fellow undergraduates.


Thomas Chan 
Finance and Information Management, 2023


Thomas's friends always describe him as a diligent and ambitious person. He is a team player and likes to communicate and cooperate with others. Fourth year staying at BPCC, he hopes that his past experience in organising activities and case competitions can help him to contribute to BPCC, the club from which he acquires valuable experience and knowledge.


Jacky Lee
Accountancy and Information management, 2024

Vice President

Jacky is a responsible and curious person. He seizes every opportunity to try and learn new things. Before joining BPCC, he has gained hands-on experience in PR and event organizing through a case competition. He firmly believes participating in case competitions is beneficial to students, and therefore he hopes to contribute to BPCC. 


Tristan Lau
Strategy and International Management


Tristan has been actively taking part in a number of case competitions and won a lot of awards. His profound experiences in the past case competitions would be valuable for all of our members.


Rachel Lau

Management, 2025


Marketing and Design Director

Rachel is commended for always exerting her best effort to strive for improvement. Her desire to learn and deepen her knowledge can be seen in her internship in Precision Robotics (Hong Kong). She has acquired business pitching and problem-solving skills, as well as hands-on experience in entrepreneurship. She is currently the Co-Founder of her R&D related start-up and hopes to display an enthusiastic attitude towards her learning in BPCC. 


Paul Ng

Accountancy and Information

Management, 2024

Knowledge Management Director

Paul emphasizes the fundamental knowledge of case cracking with opportunities to practice and apply it to build and strengthen a problem-solving mindset. Being a new member of BPCC, he hoped to enhance his analytical and problem-solving skills and learn how to assist members in acquiring necessary experiences from real-life cases. 


Jacqueline Chan

Marketing, 2025


Public Relations Manager

Jacqueline is a friendly and outgoing person. She can always brainstorm many creative ideas. This is her first year in BPCC and she wishes to collaborate with other talented people and gain more case competition experiences. She is responsible and she will try her best to serve BPCC members and make the club better.


Evelyn Zeng

Management, 2025


Public Relations Manager

Evelyn is a responsible and well-organized person who usually participates in public relations affairs. With the knowledge learned in her academic life, she can communicate with external parties for sponsorship and become a valuable team player. Evelyn also joined different case competitions and hoped to contribute more to the BPCC. 


Joscelin Hana Adam

Accountancy and Information

Management, 2025

Marketing and Design Manager

Joscelin is someone who is eager to learn new things. During her time as a BPCC member, she learned a lot of knowledge and skills related to case competitions and applied them while participating in several case competitions. Therefore, she strives to contribute to BPCC's mission to help students nurture skills needed for case competition and share the case competition culture.


Gaby Graciela

Surveying, 2025


Marketing and Design Manager

Gaby tends to seek new experiences and new things to learn in her daily life. Her passion for gaining more knowledge leads her to BPCC. She is curious about how case competition works and wants to experience joining some of it. Besides that, she enjoys pouring her feelings and ideas through her designs. She is willing to give her best to this club.


Matthew Wong

Global Business System

Management, 2024


Knowledge Management Manager

Matthew is a people person who could foster interactions between individuals. He would enable our members to experience quality workshops and develop up-to-date skillsets. Also, with his rich background in case competitions, he could contribute and bring unique insights to future BPCC case competitions. 


Altana Temutsilekhua

Global Business, 2026


Technology and Logistics Manager

Altana is a first-year student who is active and enthusiastic about her interests. Her experience in debate and club leadership has helped her gain public speaking, critical thinking and relationship building skills that will help her in her role as the technology and logistics manager. Throughout her time at BPCC she hopes to learn from her seniors, gain new experiences, and contribute by producing innovative ideas. 

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