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CityU team secures third place in the University of Sydney Business School Case Competition 2022

A team of four undergraduate students participated in the University of Sydney Business School Case Competition 2022 (USBSCC), an international case competition held by the Sydney Consulting Club of the University of Sydney, Australia, from 1 October to 2 October 2022. The team competed with over 10 Asian and Oceania teams and achieved the second runner-up position.

The competition was fully virtual and held over Zoom. The team conducted analysis on an EV charging network company and provided a relative expansion strategy for the company.

Huang Qile, Andy Wong, Gloria Andry Putri and Zhu Yuejia formed the 4-person CityU representative team. They were selected by the Business Proposal and Competition Club (BPCC), which aims to strengthen students' competitiveness through business competition training and recruit case competition talents. The team went through simulations and training before the start of the competition.

Qile said it was an intense case competition that required the team to solve a real business problem in 10 hours and produce a presentable powerpoint output. She elaborated, "The next day, we presented our solutions in front of the CEO of the case company. This competition has significantly improved my skillsets in fast industry analysis, problem-solving, idea generation, and developing strategic plans." She also thanked the team’s advisor Dr Dong Hyun Shin, and her teammates for the hard work.

"The most challenging part of this project is that we needed to finish the presentation and the slides with limited time and resources," Andy said, "This experience has trained up the ability to handle complicated tasks under pressure as well as effective communication." He said the award is a recognition of their excellent teamwork. He and the team shall keep improving and hope to achieve more with the new skills acquired through the guidance of their mentors and instructors.

Gloria said the USBSCC had been one of the most unique and challenging case competitions for her. She said, "Through the help of the university before the case competition and the teamwork, we managed to secure the 2nd runner-up position. We are ultimately very proud of ourselves and will try our best to keep improving.”


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