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Business Proposal And

Competition Club

BPCC is an academic society under CityU College of Business, aiming at strengthening students'competitiveness through business competition training.



Hong Kong Joint University Case Challenge 2020

A cross-university competition co-organized with HKU International Case Society, CUHK Case Competition Team and HKUST. Four teams from each university would be competing in JUCC. Participants would have 24 hours upon receiving the case to prepare presentation slides.

Important Update:

JUCC2020 is cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

CityU Case Competition 2019/20

CityU Case Competition is an annual competition that brings together students from City University of Hong Kong to analyze and present a specific business case. This year, BPCC joints the hands of Birdie Mobile, a new telecommunication platform launched by SmartTone that aims at providing highly flexible and unprecedented telecom services. See More Details...

Briefing Session: Feb 27th 2020

First round: March 29th 2020

Grand Final: April 25th 2020

(Registration is currently closed)

HKU-NWS Joint University Case Competition 2021 (JUCC) 

HKU-NWS Joint University Case Competition (JUCC) 2021 is a cross-university business case competition targeting business school elites from top-tier education institutions in Hong Kong. Over the past years, case competition team members from top local universities - CityU, CUHK, HKU, and HKUST, are invited to take part in JUCC. This year, JUCC will be partnering with HKU Business School and NWS Holdings Ltd to present real-life business challenges to participants.

Important Update:

Stay tuned for internal screening information.

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