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Birdie x CityU Case Competition 2019/20

CityU Case Competition is an annual competition that brings together students at City University of Hong Kong to investigate and analyze a specific business case for a particular organization. Through participating in the competition, students will have hands-on learning that enriches their analytical competencies, problem-solving abilities, team building, and presentation skills. Thereby gauging their potentials, and bring forth their talents.


This year, BPCC has the opportunity to collaborate with Birdie Mobile, a new telecommunication platform launched by SmartTone that aims to transform mobile services in Hong Kong and liberate customers from the strings attached to contracts. Steering away from unnecessary physical stores, they provide an exclusive self-service online platform where users can handle account matters right at their fingertips.

Case Material

Please find the link to our case attached HERE

Briefing session

The on-site briefing session was canceled and replaced by the prerecorded videos sent through emails. Nonetheless, we are pleased to share the information here and invite more people to the CityU Case Competition! Please watch the briefing videos to learn more about both Birdie and the case!




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