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CBBPCC co-hosts ICBC Financial Innovation Competition

Business Proposal and Competition Club (BPCC), a student society under the College of Business, organised the preliminary competition of ICBC Financial Innovation Competition 2019 at CityU on 23 May 2019.

Each of the 23 teams from CityU had submitted a proposal and 11 teams were shortlisted for the preliminary presentation. 19 students from seven outstanding teams were offered internship opportunities at ICBC (Asia) this summer. They will join the semi-final round in September and the final round in October to compete for the championship with peer teams from the University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

BPCC is an academic society under the College. Aiming at strengthening students' competitiveness through business competition training, BPCC organises the case competition every year.

The ICBC Financial Innovation Competition aims to establish an open platform for talent cultivations in universities, promoting innovative ideas in financial services and technology, and jointly exploring the future development of the banking industry. The competition encourages students to look at future spotlights, to actively engage in social practice and market research, and to propose creative ideas and solutions on financial products and services in banking industry.

The judging panel of the CityU preliminary included Dr Alvin Leung, Assistant Professor from the Department of Information Systems and representatives from ICBC including Mr Jonathan Wan, Mr Jimmy Ng, Mr Pan Jinguo and Mr Siu-wah Cheung.

Joanne Chang, President of BPCC, year 3 BBA Business Economics student, expressed her gratitude to the College and ICBC for being supportive and their generosity in sharing insights of commercial banking to CB students. “BPCC is glad to see that teams with brilliant ideas stood out from the rest and were awarded a summer internship in ICBC. In this competition, participants not only let their idea heard but also learnt practical knowledge from the top-tier financial institution,” Joanne added.

Reese Wang, Manager Trainee of BPCC, year 2 BBA Business Economics student, said it was BPCC’s great pleasure to cooperate with ICBC, “The competition was proved to be successful as enormous positive feedbacks were received. Participating students commented the competition has provided a great opportunity for them to know deeper about the financial industry, as well as to optimise their career trajectory ahead. BPCC acknowledged with thanks the immense generous help from the College of Business and the joint endeavor with ICBC.”


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